Environmental Policy

Here at Playle & Partners LLP we understand that doing business can negatively impact the environment and we have taken various steps to minimise this. Through our internal Environmental Policy issued to all staff members, we ensure that everyone is mindful of their own behaviours and have put initiatives in place to help further reduce environmental pressures. Below are just some of the ways the Practice gives back to the environment.

Offsetting Company Mileage

The Practice tracks the number of miles driven on a monthly basis. At the end of every month, we put the number of miles driven into a Carbon Footprint Calculator which gives us the amount of carbon tonnes we need to offset. The Carbon Footprint website gives a number of different ways you can offset your carbon producing activities ranging from supporting the development of clean mechanism projects in line with Kyoto Protocol to supporting clean energy generation in The Americas.

Company Recycling

Recycling is a big deal and an easy way for individuals to do their bit! We have lots of different bins across the office for different types of waste materials. All staff now have the ability to recycle paper, glass, plastic and tins. These are collected fortnightly by the council from the main bins located in our car park.

Actively trying to cut our plastic usage, we no longer have plastic cups by the water dispensers. Glasses are provided to staff and our guests.

When catering for our in-house CPD sessions we often get the Team lunch. Sometimes there is leftover food which we offer to other members of staff ensuring no wastage.

Sometimes we require samples of flooring when planning and designing. Through the company Forbo we recycle these samples further reducing our contribution to landfill.
The Practice has a printing budget which is tracked monthly. We try to keep all printing to a minimum and remind email recipients in our disclaimer to think carefully before printing any email.

Supply Chain

Not only does the Practice encourage environmental mindfulness internally but it also looks to the wider supply chain. We regularly make suggestions on how we can do things better to reduce our impact of doing business. These include:

  • Car sharing where possible or using public transport to travel to meetings
  • Using Skype or other similar face-to-face technology
  • Recommending sustainable measures – this involves looking at the life-cycle cost versus the initial implementation cost. An area which we are particularly good at this is finding alternative lighting solutions.
  • Using local resources – we aim to recruit local staff. This has a direct impact within the immediate community in which we operate.