Project Management & Cost Consultancy

Our Project Management and Cost Consultancy teams are experts in managing and delivering complex construction projects from Inception to In Use. The ‘Gatekeepers’ of Time, Cost, Scope and Quality ensuring that the ‘Golden thread’ of information is maintained.

Project Management

Our Project Management service is focused on the understanding, managing and delivering our client’s expectations. Our Project Managers are trained and qualified with the Association for Project Management.

Our Project Managers use the concepts, functions and activities identified in the APM Body of Knowledge in order to successfully deliver construction projects within their time, cost, quality and scope objectives, utilising tools such as;

  • Business Case Preparation and Project Management Plans
  • Benefits Management
  • Change Control Procedures
  • Resource and Time Scheduling – Using MS Project
  • Budget and Cost Control
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Procurement and Tendering Strategies

We offer a full Project Management service for construction projects, including identification and appointment of consultants and contractors, establishing and developing the client’s brief and management of the design and construction processes through to hand over and occupation.

Throughout the project we aim to guide clients through the construction process, its working methods and terminology and to make them aware of the risks involved in each of the stages.  At the same time we recognise that clear and effective communication and leadership are key to the success of a project, driving the project through with an approach that is recognised as both firm, open and fair by all parties.

Our Project Managers are experts in delivering construction projects under both the JCT 2016 and NEC4 Suites of Contract. We are recognised in the industry for being firm and fair for both our clients and contractors, actively looking for ways to progress projects in a proactive and collaborative manner.

Cost Consultancy

Our Cost Planning, Contract Procurement and Cost Management services are targeted at assisting our clients throughout the construction process and maximising value at every stage.


Working for both clients and contractors our experienced measurement teams of in-house Quantity Surveyors are experts in accurate measurement and the Preparation of Quantities at various stages of construction contracts and in accordance with RICS New Rules of Measurement 2; Detailed measurement for building works.

We utilise iTWO CostX, a totally integrated system for building estimating, cost planning, bill preparation and contract administration, using one database from feasibility to final account. Measures can be taken from a variety of file formats including DWFx Files enabling us to measure in accordance with 5D BIM.

Utilising 5D BIM provides our clients with the benefits of accurate cost estimation & forecasting, detailed quantity take-offs, real time changes and updates to quantity and costs, faster decision making and improved collaboration among stakeholders.

Monitoring Surveying Services

Working on behalf of banks and lenders we act as an independent monitoring surveyor on development projects. Our experienced team provide high quality advice tailored to the needs of each individual lender. We have provided independent monitoring services for numerous lenders across various sectors, from regeneration projects, to house building to commercial projects. Our experience in providing monitoring surveying services is further enhanced by our team’s depth of experience in directly managing construction projects either in a Quantity Surveying or Project Management role. Utilising this experience, we are able to anticipate, identify and address risks and potential issues, such as cost over-runs, programming, specification, and regulatory compliance.

As an RICS chartered firm we follow RICS guidelines and tailor our monitoring service, reporting methodology and format to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our aim is to provide a service that facilitates the proposed development rather than being obstructive to the process. Our focus is to ensure the lender’s interest and risk exposure is fully considered. We provide an initial report of the proposed development and provide close monitoring throughout the development in the form of regular progress reports.

We de-risk the project to provide successful outcomes and meet investment objectives on programme and budget.

Bank of Scotland
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of Ireland
Butterfield Private Bank
London Borough of Bromley


Working in accordance with the RICS guidance note – Reinstatement cost assessment of buildings 3rd edition, February 2018. Our Cost Consultants are experts in preparing high quality reports for issue to your insurance broker.

Often prepared on the basis of a ‘day one reinstatement’ our Surveyors can assist you in understanding your insurance needs and level of cover required by preparing a full and detailed estimate of the cost to demolish, remove and rebuild the assests on a new for old basis.

It is important that our clients reassess the sum insured on a regular basis with a major review and reassessment every three years, or earlier should significant alterations be made to the insured property.

Our clients have included Education Facilities, Housing, Commerical Properties and Factory sites.


Cost Control

We offer a full Cost Consultancy and Quantity Surveying service comprising;

Cost planning & Feasibility Studies

Working in accordance with the RICS New Rules of Measurement 1: Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works, our Cost Consultants prepare accurate and detailed Order of Cost Estimates and Formal Cost Plans to ensure that robust and well planned budgets are set from Feasibility Stage through to Contractor appointment. Project Costs are benchmarked against in-house and external sources of Cost Data to show how their project compares to the industry norm.

Value Management

Our Cost Consultants work with the Design Team and client to ensure that the best Value Project is being designed to meet the clients Time, Cost, Scope and Quality objectives. Regular reviews of materials and components being specified and their overall and time impacts are reviewed to minimise design changes and variations during the construction works.

Life Cycle Costing

To achieve a Future Net Carbon World, ensuring our buildings and assets are designed and constructed with their whole-life costing in mind will be key. Our Cost Consultants are experts in preparing Elemental Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and Component Level LCC option appraisals in accordance with the guidance as set out in ‘Buildings and constructed assests – Service Life Planning – Part 5: Life cycle costing ISO 15686-5:2008.

Risk analysis

Our Cost Consultants will assist the Project Manager and Design Team in preparing a detailed Risk Register which ensures risks are defined, their consequences understood, the ways in which they can be mitigated, their action holders and their likely pre mitigation and post mitigation costs to the scheme. Our standard Risk Register is prepared in accordance with NRM 1 and includes a probability and cost risk implication in a traffic light system to easily identify high, medium and low risks.

Cost Management

Throughout the project we will prepare and issue Financial Statements and Dashboard Charts to our clients to ensure they are up to date with overall anticipated expenditure and actual expenditure. Our reports provide an Executive Summary which is easy to understand and report key figures and information internally. They are also supported by Cash Flow Forecasts which are prepared initially based on industry standard formula and then based on programme durations upon appointment of the contractor.

Procurement and Tendering

We have a wide range of experience in applying different contracts, procurement methods and tendering strategies according to the needs of the client and the project. These include:

Forms of Contract

  • JCT 2016 Suite of Contracts
  • NEC4 Suite of Contracts
  • FIDIC Suite of Contracts

Procurement & Tendering Strategies

  • Single Stage Traditional – With BoQ or Schedule of Works
  • Two Stage Traditional – With BoQ or Schedule of Works
  • Single Stage Design and Build
  • Two Stage Design and Build
  • Target Cost Price
  • Partnering open book methods

With an in-house Solicitor specialising in Construction Law and procurement we can assist our clients by advising on the procurement and tendering strategy most suited to a clients needs and risk strategy. We are also able to assist in the preparation of Framework Agreements for Local Authority Bodies.