Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Using existing frameworks and schemes, significantly reduces the lead time involved from a projects infancy phase to its final development. Being part of a framework or DPS allows procurement costs to be lowered and also provides certainty that everyone involved in the chain is fully compliant with the business rules.

Playle & Partners LLP are proud to be part of a number of frameworks and schemes which span across multiple county council districts. We are available through these to work on projects either via direct appointment on a rotational basis or through a mini competitions.

Below are the DPS and frameworks we appear on:

NameDiscipline(s) StatusStart DateExpiry DateNotesOpen to London Boroughs?Direct Award OJEU Notice
National Framework Partnership
Employer's Agent Framework comprising Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Inspection Services, Construction Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy, Construction Project Management, Construction Supervision, Supervision of Projects and Documentation, Quantity Surveying, Construction-Site Supervision and Health and Safety ConsultancyLIVE January 2020 January 2024Total contract value: £200m. Direct selection available.Yes  View
Bloom Procurement Services Ltd
Architects, Costing and Estimation Services and Social Housing. LIVEJanuary 202031 August 2025Total contract value: Circa £45k.YesTBC View
Braintree District Council
Lot 1 - Architectural Services.
Lot 3 - Building Surveyors.
Lot 5 - PD, EA, CoW
LIVEtbc2026The Framework will be available to any UK Public Sector Body, a full list can be found within the FTS Contract Notice or the EPH Frameworks Website YesYes View
Brighton and HoveCity Council DPS
Lot 1 - Architectural Services.
Lot 4 - Building Surveyors.
Lot 12 - Project Manager
Lot 13 - QS,CC,EA
LIVEJune 2021June 2025The Council may extend this DPS Agreement beyond the Initial Period by one or more periods up to a total maximum of two years. For the avoidance of doubt, the maximum DPS Term shall not extend beyond a maximum of 6 years in total from and including theDPS Commencement Date.No No View
London Borough of Lambeth - Project Management and Associated Services Framework
Project Management, Quantity Surveyor, Buildign Surveyor, Architect, Principal Designer, CDM LIVEJuly 2022May 2026  YesYes View
Haringey DPS

Architectural & Urban Planning
Building Surveying Services
Construction Health & Safety Advisor (CDM 2015)
Construction Project Management
Construction related multi-dis services
Quantity Surveyor Services
Site Supervisor /Clerk of Works for Construction Projects
LIVE April 20192026Utilising LCP – Option to extend on a rolling 12 month basis for a further period of up to 5 years. Total contract value: TBC.YesYes View
Hertfordshire Framework for Professional Consultant Services
Lot 5 - Cost ConsultancyLIVESeptember 2021 31 August 2025 NoYes View
Places for People
Project and Cost Management, Architecture, Consultation, CDM, Property Advisory and Employer’s Agent Services and Health and Safety. LIVEAugust 201910 August 2029Total contract value: To be confirmed. Contract Management fee of 2% for the total invoice value.YesYes View
Consultants Framework for Quality Trusted Solutions (QTS)
Lot 7 Principal Designer LIVEApril 2022April 2026  Yes  View
Catalyst Housing (PD Services)
Principal Designer.LIVESeptember 20192023 Expiry month TBC with no option to extend. Total contract value: £40m. NoYes View
Leathermarket JMB
Project and Cost Management, Employer’s Agent, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Principal Designer and Client CDM Advisor.LIVE February 2019February 2023Option to renew for a further two years. Total contract value: £400k.NoYes View
LHC Multi-Disciplinary Framework
Lot 5 - Quantity Surveying Lot 6 - Employer's Agent, Lot 8 Prinicipal DesignerLIVE2022 2028Worth £500 million over six yearsYes  View
Medway Council (Construction Professional Services)
Lot 2 – Architectural Design – Value Bands 1 & 2.LIVE January 2020 October 2023No option to renew. Value Band 1: <£1m.
Value Band 2: £1m – £5m.
NoYes View
Metropolitan Housing Trust Limited
Lot 1 – Architecture – Region 2: South East - £0 to £5m
Lot 1 – Architecture – Region 3: London - £0 to £5m
Lot 2 – Employers Agent & Cost Consultant - Region 2: South East - £0 to £5m
LIVEJuly 2022 July 2026 YesYes View
Tower Hamlets Construction Consultancy Services
Lot A Architecture & Design, Lot B Building Surveying, Lot D Cost Consultancy, Lot E Employer's Agent, Lot K PD, Lot L PM, Lot O Multi-Dis LIVEOctober 20202030 No  View
Clarion Housing DPS for Asset Management Survey & Consultancy
QS/PM/Party Wall/Stock Condition Surveys/ BS/CDMLIVE March 20212026We reserve the right to extend this on an annual rolling basis for an additional 5 years, up to 21/02/2031 YesNo View
NHS Estates & Facilities Consultancy Services
Category 1 Architecture Services and Architecture Led Design Team Services: £0 - £100,000
Category 5 Construction Project Management Services: £0 - £100,000
Category 7 Quantity Surveying & Cost Consultancy Services: £0 - £120,000
Category 8 Principal Designer (CDM): £0 - £55,000
LIVE May 20212026The DPS may be extended for further periods, provided that the total of the DPS agreement does not exceed ten (10) years. YesYes View
Swan Housing Associateion DPS
Lot 4 Employer's Agent and
associated services
inluding Cost
Consultancy, CDM
Adviser, Clerk of Works
LIVE October 20192027 NoYes View
Crown Commercial Professional Services DPS
Architecture and Design Services, Project Management and Cost Consultancy Services.LIVE October 2022October 2025 YesNo View
Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Estates and Facilites Professional Services DPS
Lot 2 – Project Management Consultants
Lot 6 – Architectural Services Consultants
Lot 7 – Cost Consultants
Lot 10 – Principal Design Consultants
Lot 11 – CDM and H&S Consultants
LIVE January 2023January 2028  Yes View
London Borough of Hillingdon Building and Construction Consultancy Services Framework Lot 2 - Architectural and Building Design Services Lot 6 Quantity Surveying Services Lot 10 Employer's Agent ServicesLIVE May 2023 May 2027This Framework is available to all Public Sector Bodies in the United KingdomYesYes View