Repton House



City West Homes Ltd


Contract Administrator, Quantity Surveyor




Repton House is a Grade II* listed building which is part of the conservation area of Lillington Gardens Estate, located within the City of Westminster in the heart of London.

Our Client, CityWest Homes Ltd had been tasked with finding more homes for people on the housing list and assessed their existing stock to find hidden homes in underutilised locations. Through these assessments, the unused undercroft of Repton House was highlighted as a location for the provision of these much needed units.

The new infill units were designed to replicate the existing articulation and façade design of the blocks and to ensure a seamless link between the existing and proposed infill. The prevailing red brick, found across the existing estate, was chosen for the façade finish. However, in order to reduce the weight loading above the basement car park an innovative lightweight framing system and brick slip detail was used.

The scheme consisted of the new build of two flats, one three bedroom five person unit and one two bedroom four person unit.

The units were designed to comply with Lifetime Homes requirements and will be let as affordable housing.