Phoenix Youth Centre – Tadworth



Surrey County Council


Lead Architect


Approx. £82,000 for graphics and furniture


Following the construction of a new Leisure Centre and Community Hub in Tadworth, Surrey, Surrey County Council were looking to give the new Youth Centre its own brand. This was achieved through consultation with graphic designers and bespoke furniture manufacturers to create a new internal space that both served its purpose for the young people, as well as having its own identity as per the Client’s request. SCC’s overall aim was to reduce the number of NEET’s by providing an enticing and modern youth centre.


Playle & Partners were approached by Surrey County Council to act as Lead Architect up to the preparation of Tender Documents (Stages A-G) for the internal fit out at Phoenix Youth Centre in Tadworth, Surrey. Playles services were extended to see the project through to completion, working with Innersmile graphic designers to achieve a successful project outcome.

RIBA Stages

Stages A-G of the RIBA 2007 Plan of Work
Playles Services extended to cover stages H-L