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The ‘Overcrowding Initiative’ by the London Borough of Croydon involved the construction of 111nr units across 19 sites. Sites used included under used garages, parking units and sites with pre-fabricated units on them. There were various issues with sites such as vandalism, drug dens and dumping of waste that constituted a nuisance and financial burden to Croydon Council and local residents and the construction of dwellings on these sites was welcomed by the local residents.

On opening the first units the Major of London – Boris Johnson said:

“These houses are stupendous value for money and conform to the ideas set out in the London Housing Design Guide. More than 60 per cent of the heating will come from the solar panels on the roof and 15 per cent of the electricity will come from the wind turbines”.

“…The finest city in the world deserves the finest housing for its inhabitants…today marks the start of reversing that downward trend and raising the bar, not just in publicly funded, but all new homes built in London. I want design excellence to become the first priority of any plans for new homes and innovation, in the best tradition of this unique city, to be at the forefront of that design.”