Successful Appointment to the Orbis Consultancy Framework

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Here at Playle & Partners LLP, we are excited to announce that we are now part of the Orbis Consultancy Framework. An innovative 4 year procurement partnership, the scheme offers great value across all levels from the initial tendering process to the wider community in which any project sits.

The consultancy framework consists of 9 lots. Playle & Partners LLP have been successfully appointed on two of the lots – Lot 2 – multi-disciplinary minor works and Lot 6 Cost Consultant/ Project Managers.
We will use our extensive experience and partner led approach to deliver successful education schemes, community buildings and improving and developing the Orbis portfolio throughout the 4 year framework duration.

What is Orbis?

Originally inspired from the partnership between Surrey County Council and East Sussex County Council, Orbis was formally created in 2015 and has been recruiting the best contractors and suppliers the local market has to offer. Laura Forzani who heads up the Orbis Procurement Service team has a simple but clear vision;

“To be influential in the market, deliver professional procurement and commercial expertise, and support our partners –making a real difference to the services we provide our residents.”

Eight core values sit at the heart of the scheme, with Social Value becoming increasingly important to a projects success.

8 key strategic measures of success for Orbis

  1. People, skills and development
  2. Strategic sourcing
  3. Category management
  4. Programme governance
  5. Contract & supplier management
  6. Social value
  7. Technology & process development
  8. Innovative commercial support

What benefits does Orbis bring?

Essentially Orbis is about bringing reassurance and great value for money to anyone with a project seeking to achieve a quality finish, using locally sourced companies whilst knowing that they all operate in an ethical and responsible manner which benefits the wider community. Below are a few other benefits of joining Orbis and why you might consider joining too.

Additional benefits to joining Orbis

  • A Dedicated Team
    The partnership has 2,000 employees working across 3 councils (Surrey, East Sussex and Brighton & Hove City Councils) with a shared head. This level of collaboration makes customer service and problem solving so much easier than ever before.
  • Sharing Resources, expertise, knowledge & budgets
    With a £63m joint operating budget, Orbis promises to be a framework that delivers. With a dedicated team learning who is good at what, both knowledge and skills can easily be shared and transferred to the job.
  • Employment Creation
    Sourcing local contractors and subcontractors, Orbis aims to increase local employment levels whilst maintaining quality. It can be difficult to find reliable labour and skills locally but with Orbis they already have an approved list. They have done all the leg work for you and as a project owner that can save a huge amount of time and provide you with added reassurance the job will completed to a high standard.
  • Good Health & Safety
    Via Orbis, project owners have peace of mind that all those on site are protected and safe and here at Playle & Partners we have an excellent Health & Safety Team ensuring safety on all of our sites.
  • Social Value
    Social value is becoming increasingly vital in today’s world. Playle & Partners continuously support local charities and have a dedicated section of its website to such causes. As part of Orbis, social value is treated as a key performance indicator and as such underpins individual project awards and the framework success itself. At all levels of the supply chain, members must demonstrate intended and actual social value based on an approved charter. If you are a charity or know of a worthy cause based in Surrey, East Sussex or Brighton & Hove please tweet us. We are always on the lookout for ways to help.

How Orbis Works?

On the project owner side, it’s free and it couldn’t be simpler. Contact us and we will introduce you to the Orbis Procurement Team. You will be asked to fill in a two page document detailing your organisation and its requirements. Once on the framework, you can then submit a project which will be put out to tender to the Orbis selected contractors via one of two routes; rotation or mini-competition.

With rotation, project awards are given via direct award which is based on a rotational basis via a predetermined points based list. With mini-competition, contractors are asked to take part in mini competitions and must submit tenders along with social value plans. It will then fall with the project owner to choose their service provider.

To become an approved service provider, Playle & Partners had to satisfy a number criteria and has taken months of hard work by all members of staff.

Services provided by Playle & Partners LLP on the Orbis Framework

Approved providers on lots 2 & 6, Playle & Partners are providing the following services:

  1. Lots 2 – Multidisciplinary including
    Lead Consultant
    Principal Designer
    BIM Information Manger
    Contract Administrator
    Landscape Architect
    Project Manager
    Mechanical Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Structural/Civil Engineer
    Cost Consultant/Quantity Surveyor
  2. Lot 6 – Cost Consultant/ Project Manager
    Cost Consultant
    Employers Agent
    Contract Administrator
    Project Manager
    BIM Information Manager

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