Core Values

For over 60 years, Playle & Partners LLP have been committed to creating strong, close knit teams who enjoy the work that they do.

Our core values (One Team, Can Do, Trust and Flexible) are an essential part of the Playle & Partners business. They are seen not as an added extra but fundamental to the expansion of the knowledge, skill, expertise and services that Playle & Partners can offer. All staff are encouraged to train, develop and progress on a continued journey throughout their employment with us.

The nature of our values is a two way means of communication. Below we have set out our core four values with expectations from Playle & Partners alongside those of our colleagues.

One Team

We work together collaboratively throughout the teams

Playle & Partners asks that you:

  • Support your colleagues
  • Feel confident to raise concerns regarding gaps in opportunities you have been given
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues across Playle & Partners to achieve the best result
  • Support our company by promoting our organisation wherever you can

Playle & Partners will aim to:

  • Distribute opportunities fairly and equitably
  • Recognise and reward your loyalty to the company
  • Encourage collaboration and bonding between departments

Can Do

We meet challenges with positivity

Playle & Partners asks that you:

  • Support your colleagues
  • Share concerns with your development and training needs
  • Adopt a positive can do attitude
  • Build an effective and lasting relationships with colleagues and clients

Playle & Partners will aim to:

  • Provide training and support to ensure you can contribute to the team
  • Give you the tools and environment to do your job well
  • Ensure the management team listen and are open and receptive to feedback and comments


We are dependable, discreet and reliable

Playle & Partners asks that you:

  • Be an ambassador for Playle & Partners at all times
  • Respect your colleagues and our workplace
  • Give us your opinion and be honest with everything you do

Playle & Partners will aim to:

  • Provide a friendly, clean and safe working environment
  • Treat you fairly and with respect
  • Listen to what you say and keep you informed


We are responsive and adaptable

Playle & Partners asks that you:

  • Be open and receptive to new ideas or ways of doing things
  • Go the extra mile when needed
  • Be willing to respond to change and have a flexible and positive attitude
  • Look for ways of improving Playle & Partners

Playle & Partners will aim to:

  • Give you the freedom and support to make appropriate decisions
  • Treat you as an individual and be supportive in times of need
  • Provide opportunities for you to understand different parts of Playle & Partners beyond your team
  • Encourage a good work-life balance

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