Architects Team Event – Escape Rooms

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The Architecture Team had 60 minutes to search for clues, solving a maze of puzzles and mysteries to open up the final exit door of our Escape Room at London Bridge. The Egyptian themed escape room was a great team building event where we worked together to get out in time. The games were designed to challenge both our creative and logical thinking process.

Our strategy was to have a ‘finds’ table so we could share our clues with each other and work together to collectively solve the more challenging riddles. It took the individual strengths of the whole group to effectively use and combine objects found inside the escape room to find the exit. We never gave up and our persistence meant we successfully escaped with 65 seconds to spare.

Michael had excellent communication skills and was able to see the bigger picture. He used his skills to motivate and encourage all of us to meet the deadline.

Daniel provided a logical eye, he was able to see the problems clearly and implemented his strong problem-solving skills to make decisions.

Hayley was fantastic at coming up with new ideas and different methods to solve the puzzles whilst making sure the team was having fun.

Sarah was eager and enthusiastic, focusing her strength to think outside the box to provide alternative viewpoints to the situation. Furthermore she ensured that all the problems were overcome methodically, even the choreographed Egyptian dancing.

Hayley, Sarah & The Architects Team

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